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Strengthening the Profession ...
                                                                                              For the Battles of Life

Strengthening the Profession ...
                                                                                              For the Battles of Life

"Why Should I Even Do This job?" ... 
Restoring the Vision

Many are asking themselves the same question.

Perhaps you got into the profession because you wanted to make a difference... “Boy was I stupid” you may be thinking to yourself ...”I was so naive... There’s more stupid out there than I can ever fix.” The days are long gone when you would’ve done the job for free. What has replaced them seems to be nothing more than one big felony.

Understanding what happened and why it matters can make all the difference!”

Warriors on the Wall - Mission

Warriors on the Wall is a network of like-minded public servants fully engaged in a Heaven-sent mission to bring life and hope to their families, communities and country. Each member has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to fearless self - examination, extreme ownership of responsibility and a deep humility and willingness to grow. Realizing they can accomplish 
far more together than they can individually, they unite to triumphant over the powers of darkness, bring hope and peace to their communities, and help make beauty out of the 
ashes of the broken lives they encounter.

The Current Realities ...

There’s tremendous negative emotional fallout that often accompanies the job of a law enforcement officer. Daily interaction with mad, bad, and sad people who lie, exploit others and display unimaginable cruelty toward their fellow man can take its toll … Operating in a media saturated culture that thrives on misinformation, leadership challenges, cynicism, the physiological demands of constant vigilance, critical incidents and unhealthy coping mechanisms chip away at an officer’s well being. Add to that family stress, fatigue and lost holidays/ missed children’s activities and it’s easy to see why things can go south.

In 2020, 45 officers died from felonious gunfire whereas 172 committed suicide… That’s 3.8X as many officers taking their own lives as dying from bad guys! It’s estimated that 15 percent of working police officers in the US are having undiagnosed symptoms of PTS and law enforcement marriages fail at an alarming rate. Depression, sleep loss, the use of unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit sexual relationships are many times the result.

There ARE answers. This website WILL help provide them if you’re willing to take an honest look at yourself, learn, and persevere until you translate what you learn into life change!

Carpe Diem!!!

Please Share Your Thoughts!

We value your input.

We are working with the law enforcement community to partner together with you to determine best practices in many areas.

We can only do this with input from you.
There are two major goals we are seeking to accomplish with these questions:
    1. Professional & Personal Life Growth
    2. Contribution To Law Enforcement Community

The more honest feedback each individual provides the faster we can work together to develop a plan, engineer the tools and design the systems needed for all of us to work together to achieve mutual success. :-)

How We Help Law 
Enforcement Officers

Warrior On the Wall has partnered with Life Masteries Institute, a 501 (c)(3) that supports and works with MANY life-changing causes! Our mission is to help every single police officer, one by one, in their biggest challenge that is affecting not only their career, but their relationships, mental health, families, etc!

"The true warrior fights not because he hates what's in front of him BUT
because he loves what's behind him."

~G.K. Chesterton

As a Law Enforcement Officer, 
Are You Experiencing ....?

Problems with Leadership?

“Leadership is among the most complex and challenging areas of the law enforcement profession. In order for the profession to meet its public safety mission, effective  leadership must occur at all levels, and in a manner consistent with community expectations. The desire to serve their community is among the reasons most frequently cited by police officers as drawing them to the profession. However, when leadership fails, the desire among officers to help others can devolve into a desire to merely survive.

Frontline officers often cite their greatest headaches as coming from their agency’s internal leadership, particularly when supervisory actions are viewed as either relying on heavy-handed approaches, or a willingness to “throw officers under the bus” when politically expedient. A lack of leadership can result in officers being held responsible for failures that were not of their own making. Training failures by an agency’s leaders can hamper the ability of officers to effectively perform their duties. Double standards can weaken the essential cohesion and peer-level leadership needed between officers. Micro-managing can stifle initiative and the skills development among officers that are supportive of promotional opportunities.

First-line supervisors often struggle, as they seek to serve as emissaries for both their agency’s officers and senior leadership. Police chiefs and senior leadership speak of the fatigue of command, as they must continually balance the demands of the mission to the community and the well-being of their officers. Officers of all ranks feel the impact when elected officials fail to meet their leadership obligations, and many within the police profession have come to expect unfair treatment by a conflict-driven media culture, which often deliberately fosters and feeds a negative view of the police within core constituencies of the community.

Strengthening the bonds within policing and between the police and larger community is an all-levels leadership challenge.

Cynicism Towards Others?

The reality is that when I’m called to a scene as a cop, there’s a reason I
am there…. those at the scene often pretend not to know why. Due to
their lack of honesty, I have to often assume that they are all
liars until proven otherwise … The reality is its an investigative tool.
Cynicism is defined as, "An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity,
especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of
others.” Daily interaction with mad, sad and bad people who have a
tendency to lie or withhold vital information can take its toll on an officer.
Seeing individuals at their worst who act more like animals as the rape,
rob, beat, steal and brutalize others can leave you second guessing your
belief that there are good people.


Officers have to make split second life or death decisions in potentially
high threat environments. Their survival demands that they view each call from a threat based perspective… That is, seeing events unfolding as
potentially hazardous until proven otherwise. 

What’s not often understood is how this focus causes their bodies to operate in a heightened state of awareness which includes adrenaline dumps, increased levels of cortisol and glucose … all survival responses designed to give them what they need in a potential fight (flight is not an option in the police world) situation… The challenge is when the fight never comes.

The challenge lies in the parasympathetic nervous system which brings
equilibrium to their lives…. What they experience at the end of their shift as they go home… emotional exhaustion, withdrawn, burnout and
depression. All having a detrimental impact on family life and the health of

Fallout from Critical Incidents?

The tragic death of a young child who bore a striking resemblance to your
son of the same age, the suicide of the individual taking their life right in
front of you as you check their welfare, brutal beatings of the elderly, mass casualty scenes, dismembered bodies, sexually abused kids,
people committing unimaginable cruelty toward each other and doing all
you can to preserve life only to have an individual die in your arms… It all
can take a toll on officers.

According to one study, the average officer from a midsized agency
experiences 188 critical incidents of this nature in their career. And if you
think it doesn’t have an impact, why then do officers drive all around their
communities with deeply embedded memories from critical incidents at
specific houses or locations?

The Reactive Nature of the Profession?

Reactivity is a direct response to a stimuli.  Dispatched to calls, held over for reports, called in for training, called out for specialty units, subpoenaed to court… Officers are conditioned to be reactive while on duty …

This coupled with the down side of the hyper vigilant cycle can make home life a  challenge. Spouses can come to resent the job and eventually abandon their role of holding down the fort by themselves


Working several jobs, failure to get adequate sleep, serving on a shift at odds with the body’s natural circadian rhythm, fatigue is a real factor in an officer’s psychological wellness. One study found that 53% of officers get less than 6.5 hours of sleep each night.

Fatigued officers have a greater difficulty maintaining a positive outlook, have slower response times and experience the challenge of making mistakes in a fatigued state.

Stress and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms?

Making split second decisions that will be scrutinized by others for days, living life with a body and car camera constantly on, second guessing your actions, technicalities in the legal process, being ridiculed by arm chair quarterbacks, being the subject of an Internal Affair Investigation, a constant social media presence, adrenaline fueled pursuits … the list goes on and on…

A steady diet of stress comes with the job. Alcohol can be the coping mechanism of choice… Unfortunately it can negatively impact an officer’s sleep and mental health, quickly getting out of hand and causing long term problems. According to one article in officer.com, 90 % of all police suicides have alcohol involved.

Social Media/News/ Political Climate?

The advent of social media granting instant opportunity for public scrutiny
through FaceBook live and other outlets has brought a new dimension of
tensions to the profession. So has the 15 second video snippet involving
carefully edited video clips with, at times, false narratives.

Add to that hostile news outlets, media scrutiny of officer’s actions, allegations of
racism and the responsibility to keep the peace between politically charged
parties debating their vision for America. It can all add up to additional

Family Issues … Control, Debt, “Suspects,” Security?

Officers are taught they must always take control of every situation at the academy… for some reason it doesn’t seem to work quite as well on their spouse/ significant other… And God forbid that their teenage son or daughter lies and they go into cop mode and say things that they will later regret.

Add to that building a lifestyle around extra income/ easy security money and as their family gets bigger, making ends meet may require them to work multiple jobs and seldom be home.

Given officers put people in jail … Sometimes for a very long time… The reality is those the do can want to exact revenge when they come out. Not knowing if and when that can happen, officers can never fully let your guard down. Constant vigilance requires them to be in a heightened state of awareness at all times … Especially in public. They must sit with their backs to the wall when out with the family as well as develop a safe plan should they encounter someone that has it out for them. This all involves being armed at all times … Something that can cause tensions at home as well.

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Life Masteries Institute hosts numerous mastermind calls each week for many different topics! If you have never been a part of a mastermind group...they are VERY different than a networking group! While networking groups give you a fish, mastermind groups help you learn how to fish by working on your biggest challenges! Join Jim, and other police officers, on some of the weekly mastermind calls hosted by our partner, Life Masteries Institute!

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