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Every week, different mastermind groups get together and talk about the many various topics in Warriors On The Walls.  Each of these mastermind calls are scheduled to go for 30 minutes.  Some individuals will stick around after the 30 minutes to connect, talk further, get to know one another.

Every call uses the same Zoom link so good to TIMEBLOCK the time and include the url in that link.  
Zoom url link ~ click here ~

email Emily Dunn <emilyann1920@gmail.com> if you have questions, are interested in helping to build out this area, or are interested in learning more about Warriors On the Wall and how you can help!

Monday - 7 pm (et)

Please CLONE ME!

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on in your life and you don't know how you will / are keeping up?  Do you ever wish you could clone yourself?

Tuesday - 11:30 am (et)

Flawless Thinking for Marriages

... for police families & everyone!

How good is your marriage?   Would you like to have a better marriage?  What does your dream marriage look like, sound and feel like?  What is the one thing you would like to have in your marriage in 30 days that you don't currently have? 

You maybe not believe that you could have a better marriage than you dreamed of.   There are couples who participate in this where their marriage is now at a "4" and are ecstatic because for 32 years it has often been a "0."   

This is NOT just for police marriages ... as anyone / everyone can benefit from this. 

Join Jim in his journey on this call and see how he will help you in your journey. :-)

Wednesday - 4:00 pm (et)

It's Complicated ... 

... Strange Men & Women + De-Escalation + Leadership

This mastermind call started out as a "Strange Men's" call and has evolved into more ... a lot more.

Do you ever feel ... well strange ... where you don't belong?

Are you in law enforcement ... married ... and/or have children and you wish there was a science to being an amazing leader and learning how to de-escalate things?  :-)   

Honestly ... we're all so strange that we don't even know how this group works ... but it does so we would be excited to have you join us.

Saturday - 8:00 am (et)

We Aren't Sure About This Call?

... We honestly don't know why people join this call?

You may not think we're being serious ... but trust us we are.  

Do you need more laughter and joy in your life?

Yep ... believe it or not, some people come for the comedy.  WARNING:  There is one guy who laughs so hard, it's not unusual that he falls off his chair he's laughing so hard.  

Do you want to find the "meaning of life?"

"What?"   Are you kidding ... do you mean that I could find the meaning of life while I laugh so hard that I fall off my chair?   Yep ... some do.  

Zoom Call Details

To make it easy for you ... all calls have the same Zoom link.

MASTER Zoom call

Phone #: 312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 874 9858 7993

Passcode: 451974

What Should I Be Prepared For?

Great question!   

Actually as a guest you are free to just join us and sit in.  We do like to hear who invited you and what created interest in why you joined if you would like to share that.   

If you would prefer to not share anything that is perfectible acceptable as well.  :-)   It usually takes three weeks to get caught up on the topics being discussed but some jump right in and others wait for months to join in the conversation ... which is fine.   

NOTE:  If there are many new guests that we may not be able to have you introduce yourself.  Sorry about that.  If you join each week, you'll get to know other people and may choose to connect with them outside of the mastermind call.   Again, it's up to you totally.   You get to determine how much and how you would like to participate totally. 


~Jim Bontrager

Is there a topic that you don't see here that you would like to see?

We would LOVE to have a mastermind group call for ANY topic that you and others around you would like to have discussed.  Nothing is off limits.   Connect with Emily Dunn <emilyann1920@gmail.com> about any topics that you would like to have covered.  :-)

Could I lead my own group, with my own topic? 

For sure!   We welcome people who would like to lead their own groups / topic and will supporting you in doing that.   Connect with Emily Dunn <emilyann1920@gmail.com> about further details on how to make that happen.  


Do you ever get the felling that you aren't living up to your full potential?   Are you looking for ... more ... but aren't even sure what "more" means?

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