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In Development ...

email Emily Dunn <emilyann1920@gmail.com> if you are interested in helping to build out this area, or are interested in learning more about Warriors On the Wall and how you can help!

  • Legacy ~ Are you looking to be involved in something far bigger than yourself?   Something you could live and die for which would leave a legacy?
  • Searching ~ Are you searching for something ... but aren't sure for what?
  • Meaning ~ What have you been put on this planet for?  Why do you have the passions you do?  What is your life vision?
  • Like Minded ~ Are you searching for a group of people ... people who may be a bit abnormal ... outliers ... but people who want to be on a "mission from God?" 
  • Heart ~ Do you have the heart of a Navy Seal?   

How Strong Are You?

What is the heart of a Navy Seal?  

It's someone who will give it all.  Someone who will risk everything for glory they will never see on this earth.  They work ... every day ... to be better than the best.

They don't whine or complain about not having time OR about challenges in their lives OR about problems ... as it would divert them from the mission.  They don't have improper ego and don't have to brag about little things, that most people would think of as big things.

Warriors On The Wall are looking for men and women who are ... well ... very different.  We're not looking for the masses, but will give our hearts, minds and soul to help the masses become AWAKENED ... and when that happens, hopefully no one will even know we were a part of it.


~Jim Bontrager

What Is Certification?

It's hard to explain ... hmmm ... "It's a process to help people to become self-aware first.   The certification process helps to take our minds to places, it seems very few people ever take their minds.  It helps us to realize that we aren't nearly as smart, caring, loving and giving as we think we are.  It helps us to realize how little we know about ourselves and others.  It helps us to become AWAKENED!  We learn, through Quantum Thinking that we don't really WORK that hard, we don't really CARE that much and we don't take extreme OWNERSHIP.  

If you are thinking ... 

If you are thinking ... "What' kind of crazy person would ever want to be involved in something like this" ... "Ok ... I'm in."   :-)   Actually we're serious.   Like Navy Seals ... sorry to say ... we don't want you ... and what we mean by that is that we don't want people who think they are smart, busy and important.   We don't want people who TALK humble or honestly TALK a lot of things.  We want people who are truly humble and will dig in and do the work work, not talk about it.   

Is this a Christian thing?

Most Christians ... who are involved say they have never experienced anything like this.  Most people who are not Christians ... well ... say the same thing.  It seems like many if not most Christians and maybe most people ... think a lot of themselves and have this perspective that they are far more important than they are.  Yes ... most of us who are involved believe in some type of a higher being ... something who created us, in His image and that means that we are special ... but not so special either as there are 8+ billion of us out there and 100% of us were created to be amazing but few seem to actually ... embrace what we could be ... and/or are willing to make the sacrifices needed to become what we were created to be.   

Anyone and everyone is welcomed whatever you belief system is ... as long as you are willing to be challenged in ways, you most likely have never been challenged in the past.  

WARNING:   If you profess to be a Christian, you may not like some of the people who are deeply involved in this certification.  The are the biggest threat maybe to Christians ... as they are Christians and are willing to point out things that even most non-Christians will not point out.   

How does this work?

Complete the following survey to get started.   There are many ways you can help Warriors On The Wall so even if you aren't able to do what needs to be done to become a Navy Seal there are many things you can do which will help the cause, fulfill the vision and be all that you were meant to be.

Like marital arts, there are different levels of proficiency .  With each level of participation, you gain self-awareness, skills, knowledge and disciplines which lead to wisdom.  Once you are accepted into the certification program, you will be assigned 1 ARRT Mentor and over time, depending on how well you do, 2 ARRT Buddies.  These three individuals will help you to learn in ways you likely have never learned in the past and you will help them to learn things you don't even know yourself.   

Q&A ~ Questions & Answers

Q1. What are the benefits of becoming certified?

  • Knowledge - Tap into knowledge and experience of worldwide thought leaders both inside law enforcement and outside as well.
  • Wisdom - Become part of special forces who will help you share their wisdom to help you and those around you more quickly solve problems.
  • Opportunities - Certification can open professional doors to coach, mentor, teach, speak as well as earning additional money, doing things that change lives and impact the world in amazing ways.

Q2. How much time investment is required?

  • 30 minutes a week - We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes a week, out of the 10,080 minutes we all have available.   Some will invest more time, to learn / grow / solve problems faster, but 30 minutes a week is what is recommended.
  • ROI on time - ROI ~ We help you learn how to gain a HUGE ROI, "Return On Investment" of time.  What this means is that for every hour you invest you get three hours of additional time.   
  • How - We lose a great deal of time ... in arguments with spouse, in-effective approaches to parenting, not doing things in the most effective way, etc. A huge part of certification looks at how we learn to do the same things we're doing now, but in a far more effective manner ... i.e. giving us an abundance of time.
  • BEST! ~ There are many ways you can invest 30 minutes.  You can read white papers, watch videos for a large video library and/or attend a weekly mastermind call.  Often individuals find it best to do a weekly live mastermind Zoom call ~ click here ~ and participate that every week.   

Q3. Is there a cost to become certified.

Currently the costs for certification are being covered by generous contributors so currently there is not a cost.   As individuals gain benefit, we do encourage individuals to give some level, even if it's not very much money on a monthly basis.   This enables the program to continue to expand and give more individuals the opportunity to benefit from the program.

Weekly Mastermind Calls

There are a number of weekly mastermind calls you can sit in on.  If you would like to just sit in and listen, you are free to do that or you can participate, it's up to you.

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